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Two women are on the balcony at the Millet Opera house. They are dressed in 1890s clothing with large hats.


Portrait of Sally Shipman. She wears a suede jacket and a white silk scarf tied at her neck.

circa 1984

A group of children are sitting in chairs in the Carver Branch Library at story time in 1953. There are three female adults standing behind them.


Portrait of city council member Betty J. Himmelblau.

circa 1970

Mrs. W.D. Craig, Sr. (Beulah Craig) standing on a sidewalk surrounded by trees.


Audray Bateman, Curator of the Austin-Travis County CollectionAustin Public Library. She wrote the Waterloo Scrapbook column in American Statesman.


Portrait of Travis County Clerk Emilie Limberg.


Portrait of Saadi A. Ferris (left) and Sophia (Shipley) Ferris (right). Full body portrait shows them holding hands. Saadi Ferris wears a suit with a boutonnière on lapel. Sophia Ferris wears long sleeve, floor-length dress, adorned with frill.

Lena Hickman, wife of John Hickman, with cake on her 90th birthday.


Portrait of Octavia Polk Bittle. She is seated in a chair with her left elbow leaning on the arm of the chair. She wears a fancy dress. Copy print from a photomechanical reproduction.


Carole Keeton McClellan with a small group of children from the Junior Helping Hand Home.


A studio photograph of Nina Bremond with another young woman who is unidentified. Nina is on the left and they are both wearing very nice coats and hats with fur pelts around their necks.


Portrait of Athol Estes Porter.


Portrait of Lizzie Williams.

circa 1860

Aunt Nettie Craig Powell and Aunt Sallie Craig Kyle in the front yard.


Photo of Madalyn O'Hair


Portrait of Caroline Bock. She stands in a floor-length gown with a lacy shawl around her shoulders.


State Representatives Sarah Weddington standing at a podium.

circa 1970

Carte-de-visite portrait of Alice Brydson, wearing a necklace with a heart-shaped charm and lace clothing. View of shoulders and face at 3/4 angle.

Three women in matching dresses and shoes with wide brim hats standing and each holding a large spray of flowers.


Portrait of Nora Ramirez and Maria de Jesus (Susie Sr.) Ramirez at Louie's graduation from St. Edward's High School

circa 1960

Interior view of the first dedicated building of the Austin Public Library, at 819 Congress Ave. The library opened in a rented room above the office of newspaper Pressler and Ziller. The photograph of this room shows a woman and two children seated at a long wooden table in the center, which is covered with books and periodicals. There are at least six freestanding bookshelves on either side of the table. Details of the room include a light bulb that hangs from the ceiling, a table fan that stands on top of a bookshelf, and posters posted on walls and bookshelves. "Gossip" is written and underlined beneath date on back of photo.


Photograph of two women on horseback. Note that they are riding English style saddles.


Portrait of Bertha Means. She wears a dark dress with white polka dots, and a white jacket. She has a name badge that reads "City Council Place 6."


Exterior view of Texas Governor's Mansion from the east, showing the east elevation with Gothic screen door in place, covered balcony, and front walkway with urns. The carriage house is visible as well as the gazebo, wood fence, and grounds. A woman in a white dress stands at an urn planter on the right side of the front walk. The Greek Revival style mansion, located at 1010 Colorado Street, was built by Abner Cook in 1855 and has been continuously occupied since 1856. It was designated a Texas historic landmark in 1962 and national historic landmark in 1970.


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