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Portriat of Mrs. L. B. Griffith, Chairman Austin Womens Volunteer Service; Miss Dolly Maude Harris; Mrs. Betty Anne Coffman, delivering Austin Telephone Directory.


Three servicewomen in uniform looking at a lily pond on the grounds of the State Capitol.


Group photo of the S. Ferris Sons Minor Indoor Baseball Champions


Early photographs of Women's Athletics at the University of Texas at Austin


Portrait of the first woman firefighter in the Austin Fire Department, May 1976.


Group portrait of six women in bathing suits standing in and in front of a convertible parked beside the water, circa 1966. This image was taken during Aqua Festival.

circa 1966

Carte-de-visite portrait of Alice Brydson, wearing a necklace with a heart-shaped charm and lace clothing. View of shoulders and face at 3/4 angle.

Carte-de-visite format portrait of Daisy Brydson and Birdie Robertson, who are leaning towards each other. Straight angle view of face and shoulders.


Exterior view of Texas Governor's Mansion from the east, showing the east elevation with Gothic screen door in place, covered balcony, and front walkway with urns. The carriage house is visible as well as the gazebo, wood fence, and grounds. A woman in a white dress stands at an urn planter on the right side of the front walk. The Greek Revival style mansion, located at 1010 Colorado Street, was built by Abner Cook in 1855 and has been continuously occupied since 1856. It was designated a Texas historic landmark in 1962 and national historic landmark in 1970.


Photograph of two women wearing face coverings during the COVID-19 pandemic.


A group of children are sitting in chairs in the Carver Branch Library at story time in 1953. There are three female adults standing behind them.


A young boy, Eugene Anderson, is standing in front of a bookshelf with his teacher, Gloria, Richards, who is holding a paper with a prize ribbon on it and handing that to the boy, April 20, 1966. He has won the 3rd place prize for the Austin Public Library Essay Contest. This image was created by Ronald Vaughn


Interior view of the first dedicated building of the Austin Public Library, at 819 Congress Ave. The library opened in a rented room above the office of newspaper Pressler and Ziller. The photograph of this room shows a woman and two children seated at a long wooden table in the center, which is covered with books and periodicals. There are at least six freestanding bookshelves on either side of the table. Details of the room include a light bulb that hangs from the ceiling, a table fan that stands on top of a bookshelf, and posters posted on walls and bookshelves. "Gossip" is written and underlined beneath date on back of photo.


Portrait of Kimberly Ann Abne


Group portrait of several women, presumably students and a teacher, on the steps of the Eliza Dee Industrial Home. Part of the Samuel Huston campus, The Eliza Dee Industrial Home for girls opened in 1904 across the street from the campus. In addition to teaching domestic skills and developing Christian character, it housed fourteen (probably as many as 20-25) girls.


Photograph of women serving food in the cafeteria at Montopolis Community School. "Mothers, some of them volunteers, operate the school breakfast and lunch program." Image from display at a fund-raising concert.


Stuart Female Seminary Group on the bank of old Lake McDonald (now Lake Austin) while on an excursion on the riverboat "Ben Hur."


Portrait of a woman, standing at left, and a man, seated at right. The woman, Ida, wears a striped dress and a dark jacket with decorative edging. The man wears leather clothes with decorative beadwork and a feather in his hair.


A large group of female tennis players stand at equal distances apart on both sides of both tennis courts. All players carry rackets and look toward the spectators.


Portrait of Ada C. Anderson. She wears a dark dress with white polka dots and a pearl necklace. She leans against a table with her chin resting on her hand.


Cabinet card portrait of Jessie Andrews. Her head and shoulders are vignetted. She wears a lacy dress, a ribbon choker, and a pearl choker.

circa 1880

Reproduction of an illustrated portrait of Amelia Barr copied from "All the Days of my Life".


Portrait of an unidentified young woman. She wears a simple plaid dress with a high white collar. Her hair is pulled back behind her head. Tintype in original copper mat, in an album owned by Eugene Belcher. Face is hand colored.

circa 1870

Portrait of Martha (Lungkwitz) Bickler. She wears a dark dress with a bow/broach at the neck. Her hair is pulled back behind her head. "Mother of Ralph, Max and George Bickler. Sister of Mr. Ernest Von Rosenberg's mother."


Group portrait of the Bickler Family, in hand-colored (overpainted) black and white photograph. Central figure is probably Mrs. Jacob (Martha) Bickler. Other individuals may include Helene Bastian and Mrs. Zahn (Mrs. Harry Bickler's mother).

circa 1900

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