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View of Waller Creek flooding. In the foreground the rushing floodwaters with rapids are visible. In the background are houses that have been destroyed or are being carried away by the creek.


Three men on horseback stand in the middle of Whitis Street in between 26th and 27th Streets. The water is up to the horses' shoulders. Women stand onlooking on the porch of a house.

circa 1910

Water raging through the inoperable Austin Dam.


View of houseboat going over a dam during the flood of 1935, which was one of the worst floods in Austin history.


View of houseboat going over a dam on June 15, 1935.


View of the intersection of South Congress Avenue and Barton Springs Road completely flooded. The signs for Gulf Service Station, a Kash and Karry and Heap Ice Cream are visible. Some of the power line poles are falling over.


A crowd of people out in the streets in front of the Wukasch building to see the flood damage


View of a flooded Colorado River. A large brick building with a sign reading "Southwest Body Works" is visible in the middle of the flooded area. Bill boards are partially submerged. Buildings on higher ground are visible in the distance.


Aerial view of a house submerged almost to the roofline in the water of the flooded Colorado River. Trees and debris can be seen in the water.


"Three residents carry a TV set out of a flooded house along Williamson Creek as heavy rains forced numerous creeks out of their banks."


Cars from a dealership are along the bank of Shoal creek after a flood. There are three cars in the creek, two of which are upside down.


Jackie Gerber, of Austin, tries skiing behind a car on the first snowfall in several years. About 3-4 inches fell in the area, causing the clcosing of schools and many businesses. The modified water skies used by Gerber didn't do too well on the dry snow.


Tornado wreckage on the site of Farmer's Gin Oil Co. Building remains and debris are piled heavily on the bare ground. In the background and near the debris, a man drives an automobile, which appears to be a small tractor.


Tonado roping out from gray storm clouds in Austin, TX at 1:03pm on October 20, 1956. The narrow funnel cloud is visible far above the rooftops of three houses and nearby utility poles.


Tornado damage on open field at Creedmore. Debris is sparsely scattered on the field, including wheels and remains of an automobile. Another automobile, intact, is parked on the field.


Tornado damage from the May 4, 1922 tornado.


Photograph of storm clouds with a tornado funnel in the sky.


View of damage to a water tower from the May 4, 1922 tornado.


View of the steel tank at Penn Field damaged after the May 4, 1922 tornado.


Tornado in cloudy skies above the city.


Tornado funnel in the sky.


View of storm clouds with a tornado forming in the sky.


View of storm clouds with a tornado in the sky.


Damage to Penn Field next to St. Edward's College from the May 4, 1922 tornado. Cars are crumpled and sitting in a field, people are walking around looking at the damage.


May 1922 cyclone damage at Penn Field, south of St. Edward's College.


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