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A man stands holding his ribbon next to a bin of produce at city market. Caption on back of photo reads: "1st prize winner Mr. E. C. Nauert, New Sweden. Dedication of Public Market."


Portrait of Dr. Donald B. Goodall in the Michener Art Gallery in the Blanton Museum of Art. The image was created by Frank Armstrong.


Portrait of Professor Ernest Lundelius at the Balcones Research Center, now known as J.J. Pickle Research Campus in 1975. Lundelius is a paleontologist and he's standing next to fossils.


Fireman Elmer A. Paulson in dress uniform, undated.


Portrait of the first woman firefighter in the Austin Fire Department, May 1976.


Portrait of Willie S. Wilson, undated.


A studio portrait of Monroe Miller, Chief of Austin Fire Department and Joe Barbisch, Foreman, 1886-1888. One man is seated and the is other standing. They are in fire fighting uniforms and hats in front of a painted studio backdrop.


his faded photograph is the only known image of Castile, one of the chiefs of the Tonkawas during the 1860s and 1870s. Chief Castile did effective work as a scout and guide for the Texas Rangers and U.S. Army during their pursuit of hostile Comanches and Kiowas. In his published memoirs, Texas Ranger James B. ''Buck'' Barry said of him, ''I well recall the contact with Castile, my friend and clever scout of the Tonkawas.''

circa 1865-1871

Alexander Penn Wooldridge


Mr. and Mrs. John Carpenter, Sr. posed in front of an empty banquet hall at the IATSE's 60th anniversary celebration.


Portrait of Jake Johnson with inscription on image reading, "Best Wishes to Local 205, Jake Johnson." Caption on back reads, "Int. U.P.I.A.T.S.E. Dallas."


Portrait of R.F. Walsh, president of the IATSE. He wears a dark suit, white shirt, and dark tie and has a small flower-shaped lapel pin.


Illustration of Plácido, Chief of the Tonkawa, undated. He wears robes with fringe, necklaces, earrings, and has a feather in his hair. He holds a dead bird and feathers in one arm and a pipe in his other hand. Plácido, known in his own language as Ha-shu-ka-na ("Can't Kill Him"), was the major chief of the Tonkawas during the early 19th century. He befriended Stephen F. Austin and assisted him in his fights against the Comanches. After the Texas Revolution, he enlisted as a scout with the Texas Rangers. At the Battle of Plum Creek, Plácido's warriors killed a great many Comanches and captured hundreds of horses. After Texas became a state, white settlers increasingly trespassed on Tonkawa land. Plácido tried unsuccessfully to keep the peace. In 1859, he and his people were removed to a reservation in Indian Territory (Oklahoma). The Tonkawas sided with the Confederacy during the Civil War; in October 1862, pro-Union Indians attacked the Tonkawa reservation and killed over half the tribe's members, including Plácido. Illustration by T.J. Owen (a pseudonym for William Sydney Porter, better known as O. Henry).


Photo of a Native American man. He stands in front of a neutral background. He wears a long coat, wears a hat with decorative feathers, and has a medallion around his neck.


Portrait of an old Native American man named Campo seated in front of a studio backdrop, January 1873. He fought in the War of 1812, in the Texas War of Independence and Mexican War. He wears simple clothes and holds a gun in his lap. A hat is at his feet.


Governor standing in the middle of line of boy scouts


Informal outdoor portrait of Anthony Adair Garland. He wears a 3 piece suit with a bow tie.


Informal outdoor portrait of Anthony Adair Garland. He wears a 3-piece suit with a bow tie and a hat. He stands in the doorway of a building.


Formal portrait of Anthony Garland Adair as an older man. Inscribed in upper right: "To E.H.P known as'Mr. Austin' the commodore who can mix with Kings and return the common touch this is given with deep and [illegible] affection. Garland."


Candid portrait of Anthony Garland Adair. He wears a jacket, vest, white shirt, bow tie and a tall fedora style hat.


Photographic profile portrait of John T. Allan, 1821-1888. A faux-marble border surrounds the portrait.


Portrait of Ada C. Anderson. She wears a dark dress with white polka dots and a pearl necklace. She leans against a table with her chin resting on her hand.


Portrait of Thomas William Anderson.

circa 1850

Portrait of Anderson. He wears a straw hat.

circa 1960

Cabinet card portrait of Jessie Andrews. Her head and shoulders are vignetted. She wears a lacy dress, a ribbon choker, and a pearl choker.

circa 1880

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