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Portrait of Gonzalo Barrientos standing in an office area.


Mary Jane Bode after her election to Rep. District 37-B seat. She wears a campaign sticker on her shirt.


Portrait of Representative Mary Jane Bode.


Mary Jane Bode in the House, talking on the telephone. The seal of the State of Texas is partially visible on her chair behind her.

circa 1980

State Representatives Sarah Weddington standing at a podium.

circa 1970

Sarah Weddington in the House of Representatives. She is sitting down and there is a large bouquet of flowers in the foreground.

circa 1970

Informal portrait of former U.S. Senator Ralph Yarborough, aged 73. He appears to be in a chemistry classroom.


Representative Lena Guerrero announces the introduction of two cave protection bills. One bill will provide better protection for cave owners, caves and cave life, and the other will protect public groundwater.


Rep. Lena Guerrero, D-Austin, debates legislation that could affect the makeup of the Texas Department of Agriculture.


Railroad Commissioner Lena Guerrero fills a car with natural gas while Agriculture Commissioner Rick Perry watches.


Harmony Barbecue with (left to right): Edward Clark, E. H. Perry, Herman Brown, Lyndon B. Johnson, Mayor Tom Miller.


Portrait of Barbara Jordan.

circa 1970

Senate President Pro Tempore Barbara Jordan presiding over the Senate during the 62nd Legislature. She stands at the front desk and holds a gavel in the air.


Portrait of Barbara Jordan by Lon Cooper, dating 1970-1980

circa 1975

Jordan is shown during a press release at LBJ School of Public Affairs. She denied reports that she has an uncurable bone disease. The Dallas Morning News reported about the alleged disease on Jan. 17 (the day before).


"Governor-elect Ann Richards announces that one of her first acts after taking over as Governor will be to appoint State Rep. Lena Guerrero to the Texas Railroad Commission. Guerrero will fill the vacancy left by the election of John Sharp...."


"Governor Ann Richards delivers a State of the State address before a joint session of the Texas Legislature, as House Speaker Gib Lewis (R) looks on placidly. This was the first such address by a woman governor here since the legendary Ma Ferguson...."


Rep. Wilhelmina Delco of Austin crosses all her fingers as she announces she intends to run for the House again in a new single member district.


Rep. Wilhelmina Delco, Austin, prepares to debate the State employees pay raise bill on the house floor. Delco is one of the House sponsors of the Senate passed bill.


A snapshot of Wilhelmina Delco from the waist up during her time as a state Representative.


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