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Group portrait of young children are standing in front of a row of bookcases in the Carver branch of the Austin Public Library.


A group of children are sitting in chairs in the Carver Branch Library at story time in 1953. There are three female adults standing behind them.


A large group of elementary age students are seated in the library in chairs for a group shot with three women standing near them, 1953. This image was created by Neal Douglass


Group portrait of school children are seated in the library and they are all smiling at the camera, November 14, 1963. There is an adult woman in the back standing behind the group. Bookshelves are on the walls.


A group of children seated in chairs at the Carver branch of the Austin Public Library, facing forward. A number of the girls are in Girl Scout uniforms.


A large group of children are seated on the floor for story hour at the Carver branch of the Austin Public Library, circa 1960s.


Two boys and a girl are standing in front of a book case at the library. One boy is holding a first place ribbon and smiling.


A large group of children are seated in the library with several women standing along the sides of the room, 1936. This building is now the Austin History Center


A group of young children is sitting on the floor in the library with Santa Clause in the back and a Christmas tree by the window, December 1936.


Group portrait of park rangers. Front row (seated) left to right: G. Edward, D. Youngblood, R. Hotte, M. Mullinix. Back Row (standing) left to right: J. McCowin, B. Wright, L. Manley, (unidentified), G. Hooks, and (unidentified).

circa 1960

Group portrait of playground leaders. Women are seated in the first row, and men are standing in the rear. Beverly Sheffield is in the back row, 2nd from right. Beverly Sheffield's contributions to our community helped create and preserve many of Austin's green and open spaces that attract native Austinites and newcomers alike. His 40-plus year career in Austin's Parks and Recreation Department began in 1934 as a playground/activity leader and lifeguard and culminated in a 30-year stint as Director. As both employee and department director, his hand can be found in many of the park system's beloved features: the Zilker Garden Center, Austin Natural Science Center, the hike and bike trails, and the Zilker Christmas Tree. However, one of his personal favorites was the Hillside Theatre at Zilker Park, where he began a sing-song program in 1937. Today, the venue continues to be the popular home of summer musicals; it is fitting that we now know it as the Beverly S. Sheffield Hillside Theatre. An enthusiastic and genial man, Sheffield was also active in civic affairs and was named Austin's 1978 "Most Worthy Citizen," among many other awards. But it was after he had "retired" the second time--first from the City and then as the first Director of the Austin Community Foundation--that he really revved up to his final role as beloved cheerleader to "Save Barton Creek." Sheffield believed in the magic of the springs and worked tirelessly to make sure it was protected: "It belongs to the people and it should not be destroyed under any circumstance." He spoke extensively on behalf of the springs and conducted oral history interviews with many longtime swimmers, capturing their unique experiences at the pool. Many of these are included in the 1993 book Barton Springs Eternal.


Group portrait of several women, presumably students and a teacher, on the steps of the Eliza Dee Industrial Home. Part of the Samuel Huston campus, The Eliza Dee Industrial Home for girls opened in 1904 across the street from the campus. In addition to teaching domestic skills and developing Christian character, it housed fourteen (probably as many as 20-25) girls.


Stuart Female Seminary Group on the bank of old Lake McDonald (now Lake Austin) while on an excursion on the riverboat "Ben Hur."


Members of the Nash Hernandez Orchestra posing on stage.


Portrait of Nash Hernandez orchestra on stage. Brass musicians at center; all 8 seated except one in a black suit in contrast to rest in white. In the back are 2 string musicians and a drummer. Bongo and maraca player stands in front near seated pianist.


Candid portrait of Nash Hernandez Orchestra performing on stage. The saxaphone player stands, front and center, while the other 8 musicians sit. Three orchestra includes 4 brass musicians, 2 string musicians, a pianist, drummer, and bongo player.


Candid, group portrait of Johnny Simmons Band members, while performing at Anderson High School. L to R: Clarence "Speck" Hicks, Roy "Tankhead" Roberts, Dalas "Pluk" Mederias, Paris Jones "Fuzzy Wuzzy," Jessie "Fobie Joe" Hart, and Johnny Simmons "Buck."


Candid, group portrait of Johnny Simmons Band members, while performing at Raymond's Garden in Corpus Christi, TX. L to R: Joe Houston, Roy Roberts, James Jennings, Dallas Mederias, Sherman, Johnny Simmons, and Johnny Johnson.


Group portrait of theater employees, many of whom will go on to be members of IATSE for decades.


John Beckham, Jr. pictured wit two other members of the IATSE union. Caption reads : "(L) John Beckham, Jr. Longtime B.A., 205"

circa 1960

From left: C.A. Rowley, Sr., Bob Corder, and Mrs. Miller posing for a photo at the 60th anniversary celebrations of local 205.


Nova Duffie, Ed Simpson, and Brock Baxter, posed at the 60th anniversary of the IATSE.


Group portrait of attendees at the IATSE and MPO US and Canada convention taken on steps somewhere in Los Angeles.


Six elderly attendees at the 100th anniversary celebrations of Local 205 pose together against a white wall. Photograph most likely taken inside the Paramount.


Members of the IATSE local 205 pose with a banner reading, "Theatrical Stage Employees and Moving Picture Machine Operators, Local No. 205." and "IATSE." Many men wear straw hats and caps. Trees are visible behind them.

circa 1910

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