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A couple is walking along the side of Shoal Creek. They are dressed in clothing from the 1800s.


View of Shoal Creek. A large tree hangs over the creek and a couple sits beneath it.


A young man and woman (David and Susie Woodland) sit on a limb of a tree. Their backs are to the camera, and they look at something in the distance.


A man and a woman hold hands on the street while looking up at the photographer above them. The man wears World War II era uniofrm. There are cars and bikes parked at the curb behind them and a sign is visible for Western Union.


Mr. and Mrs. John Carpenter, Sr. posed in front of an empty banquet hall at the IATSE's 60th anniversary celebration.


Audray Bateman Randle and Gibson Randle standing in the old Austin Public Library Central Library Building, later the Austin History Center.


Dorothy Craig and W.D. Craig, Jr. sitting on porch swing.


Portrait of Saadi A. Ferris (left) and Sophia (Shipley) Ferris (right). Full body portrait shows them holding hands. Saadi Ferris wears a suit with a boutonnière on lapel. Sophia Ferris wears long sleeve, floor-length dress, adorned with frill.

A head and shoulders portrait of Claud Abner Nuckols and his wife Maggie Miller in a studio. The photo was taken by Claud's father, the photographer Alpheus B. Nuckols.


Duke and Virginia Tu stand on the stairway leading up to an airplane. They both wear leis around their necks. Duke is waving to someone in the distance.


August and Esther Wukasch


Studio portrait of Cansada Ann (Hudson) and Ephraim Toungate. He is seated and leans on the arm of a chair. She stands next to him and rests her right hand on his left shoulder.


David and Susie Huerta seated on a beach near New Orleans. The ocean is in the background. The finger of the photographer slightly obscures the photo.


Portrait of Susie and David Huerta at a dinner party on New Year's Eve. They are seated at a table. Others are in the background.

circa 1962

Informal portrait of Susie and David Huerta after their wedding. They are seated on a sofa at the Ramirez residence (Susie's parents' house).


Portrait of David and Susie Huerta cutting their wedding cake at a reception at the Ramirez residence, 1110 East 8th Street. The cake is on a table with several other platters of food.


Group portrait of three couples at a New Year's Eve Dance at the Stephen F. Austin Hotel. Left to right: Raul (Ralph) Renya, Carmen Renya, Mary Huerta, Floyd Huerta, David Huerta, and Susie Huerta.

circa 1960

Asian male standing next to Caucasian woman in a yard. [ AF-BIOGRAPHY. LUNG,JOE and FAMILY]


A snap shot of a man with a cigar in his mouth is sitting next to a woman wearing a hat.


Group portrait of Dr. John Harvey Kellogg and his wife Ella Eaton Kellogg at Battlecreek, Michigan in 1898. Dr. Kellogg is dressed in white, including a white top hat. Mrs. Kellogg is wearing a long dark coat.


A formal portrait of William Johnson (son of T.J. Johnson) seated with his wife standing next to him with her hands on his shoulder.


Portrait of Thomas W. Kincheon and wife Mary Bee Kincheon. Thomas wears a ribbon on his lapel.


Loula D. and Morris A. Kopperl


Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lundberg in the 1880's


Illustration of Henry and Louise Madison


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