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Looking north up Congress Avenue at the Austin Goodyear Co. sign


View of Covert Buick Body Shop


Parade of automobiles from UT in front of the Texas State Capitol


Entrance to Hamilton Pool in 1980. A yellow car is parked next to a pool of water. The color has shifted on this photo so that it is much more red than the original.


View of the old low water bridge across Onion Creek at Del Valle. A car crosses the bridge and two other cars are on the road behind it. A church is visible in the distance.


Group portrait of six women in bathing suits standing in and in front of a convertible parked beside the water, circa 1966. This image was taken during Aqua Festival.

circa 1966

East and South elevations from across the street, Large trees, evergreens are not present at either side of the entry stairs. Built by Abner Cook in 1855 and continuously occupied since 1856. Texas historic landmark since 1962.


front elevation, north elevation, screen porch missing screen, shows limited grounds and front entry, cars parked along roadside. Built by Abner Cook in 1855 and continuously occupied since 1856


Grounds of Governor's Mansion, from across street, south east corner, arbor visible, cars parked along roadside. Built by Abner Cook in 1855 and continuously occupied since 1856. Texas historic landmark in 1962 and National historic landmark in 1970


Color photograph of the Capitol Theater seen from across the street. There are cars parks at the curb in front of the theater and a man is crossing the street.

circa 1970

Photograph taken by Jay Janner during the COVID-19 pandemic depicting several people tail gaiting in their vehicles, having a socially distanced visit in a parking lot


Sheriff standing along a row of sheriff vehicles parked on the street with his hands on his hips and looking to his side.

circa 1970

The age of the personal automobile arrived and brought with it a clear challenge to the streetcar business. Promotions for the automobile noted freedom from crowded street cars and the discomfort and delays of street car travel.

circa 1916

View of a streetcar on 6th Street. Mr. Bowman was the conductor. On either side of the street are business. There are horse-drawn carts and an automobile in the street.


Candid portrait of Gonzalez Barrientos (on right) selling pens to Tony Castillo (driver seated in car) to raise money for Austin Highsteppers drill team. A woman is in the passenger seat next to Castillo.


Mayor Butler standing next to an Oldsmobile.


Back row L to R: Mary Ann Craig (mother of W.D. Craig, Sr.), Sally Kyle Cullen (cousin of W.D. Craig, Sr.), Contact AHC, Mrs. Nettie Craig Powell (sister of W.D. Craig, Sr.). Front row L to R: Contact AHC, little Nettie Powell (granddaughter of Mary Ann Craig).

circa 1920

Man wearing a suit and hat walking down the street, possibly W.D. Craig, Sr. There are two cars and two men under some trees in the background.


W.D. Craig, Jr. standing in front of an automobile when he was 12 years old. He wears a loose tie and a cap

circa 1921

Photo of the Craig house at 1009 East 1st Street with automobile parked in the driveway.

circa 1922

Dorothy Craig standing on grass near a sidewalk. There is a car parked in the driveway behind her and another car driving down the street in the background.

circa 1920

Dorothy Craig standing in the front yard. Automobiles driving down the street in the background. She wears a dark colored dress and a cloche style hat.

circa 1920

Black and white group portrait of thirteen individuals, including Tom Miller second from the left and standing. The group includes men, women, and children in an automobile with five rows of seats.


Portrait of David Huerta, Sr. in the driver seat of a car. He looks out the window, and his elbow hangs out over the door. The shadow of a woman taking the picture is visible.

circa 1955

Black and white portrait of Joe Lung's family Lorene D. Lung and Sam Lung standing under a tree in a yard. [ AF - Biography. Lunge, Joe and family. Sam Lung. Lorene D. Lung]


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