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Drawing of tree created by Troy Austin during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Photographic reproduction of an engraving of Thomas William Ward.


City of Austin, The New Capital of Texas in 1844. Reproduced from "Texas in 1840 or the Emigrant's Guide to the New Republic."


Drawing of buildings of Texas Navy Department, Executive Office and State Department, circa 1840-1879. The sketch is from "The French Legation in Texas" by Nancy Barker.

circa 1840

Drawing of the capitol exterior, with men a horses in foreground. In right corner, a drawing of the Goddess of Liberty and the left corner, a drawing of the old capitol.


Illustration and blue prints of the Capitol Building Republic of Texas 1839-1856. Illustration of the Capitol is as it looked from the southeast. The plans (blueprints) show location of the capitol and stockade at 8th st., Colorado, and Congress.


View of the first Capitol built by the Republic, Austin 1839

circa 1839

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