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Group photo of Boy Scouts with Texas Governor James Burr V Allred inside the Texas Capitol building


Troop 20, University Presbyterian Church, Mr. Ernest Thompson Seaton with boys, February 25, 1939


Group portrait of Troop 20 at the University Presbyterian Church with Mr. Ernest Thompson Seaton in the center surrounded by the Boy Scouts, February 25, 1939


Paulissen Bakery and Bybee's Drug 15th and Lavaca. Truck drivers: 1st- Felix Danz; 5th- Joe Carriage. Seven delivery trucks are lined up on the curb in front of the warehouse.


Group portrait of the Austin Cardinals Baseball Team. They are posed in front of a truck, 1935. From verso: "Nash Moreno sponsored the Austin Cardinals-played all over Central Texas area. 1935"


Beer for Business "Let's discuss it over a bottle of Magnolia" it's clean tingling exhilaration leaves no after-taste


Beer trucks belonging to the Lightsey Carroll Company Distribution stand at the ready to deliver beer to thirsty Austinites. The Capitol building is featured in the background.


Exterior view of the University Baptist Church as seen from across the street circa 1930s


View of St. Mary's Catholic Church from an upper story of a building across the street, circa 1930s. Snow is visible in the streets


View of a car stuck in the middle of a flooded Onion Creek. There is a man standing on the back of the car. Two other cars and a truck are along the far back of the river.

circa 1930

Onion Creek under Highway Bridge, Post Road. The water is rushing rapidly and some trees are surrounded by the creek.


View of the old low water bridge across Onion Creek at Del Valle. A car crosses the bridge and two other cars are on the road behind it. A church is visible in the distance.


Exterior of an abattoir with animal carcases and employees and vehicles. "Austin Municipal Abattoir" is written across the building.


Crew working in slaughter room of the Austin Abattoir


Exterior of city hall with the dome of the Capitol building in the background on the left. The streets are lined with model T cars. A bare flagpole extends into the sky from the roof of city hall.


A man stands holding his ribbon next to a bin of produce at city market. Caption on back of photo reads: "1st prize winner Mr. E. C. Nauert, New Sweden. Dedication of Public Market."


Twenty girls (ages ranging) from the Girl's Choral Club sit in chairs in a hall at the Driskill Hotel. They read sheet music from pamphlets; two are looking at the camera.


Photograph of a "for whites only" sign above the entrance to a building.


Exterior view of the First Cumberland Presbyterian Church building as seen from across the street on July 29, 1930


Photograph of the exterior of the Central Fire Station #1 at 401 East 5th Street. The brick building, built in 1938, is in Art Deco style.


Group portrait of Mr. Henry Maerki, Mayor Tom Miller, and Mr. Borneman on May 29, 1938 at an open house for the Central Fire Station #1


View of the drill tower with a ladder truck parked in front and a line of firemen in the street, January 9, 1935.


Loading air mail on first mail plane to leave Robtert Mueller Municipal Airport after dedication ceremonies. A. Koch, Niles Graham, P.R. James, Raymond Grasty, "Bub" Merrill, Bub's mother, Paule Cruseman, Lynn Hunter, Max Bickler, Bub's father and others.


Interior view of Joe Wukasch Grocery store in January 1930. Produce items are on shelves in the foreground, canned items lined shelves around the store, and bananas hang from the ceiling. Two men stand at the counter in the middle of the store.

Exterior view of Texas Governor's Mansion from the east, showing the east elevation with screened porch, and snow-covered grounds. The Greek Revival style mansion, located at 1010 Colorado Street, was built by Abner Cook in 1855 and has been continuously occupied since 1856. It was designated a Texas historic landmark in 1962 and national historic landmark in 1970.


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