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Two women are on the balcony at the Millet Opera house. They are dressed in 1890s clothing with large hats.


Portrait of Sally Shipman. She wears a suede jacket and a white silk scarf tied at her neck.

circa 1984

Portrait of Mr. Groos, former Land Office Commissioner


Adams, Fred W., Sr.

circa 1930

Dr. James M. Coleman with his wife Wilma and daughter. Dr. James M. Coleman was a Travis County physician who, in 1953, began researching the history of medical science in Travis County for his book titled, "Aesculapius on the Colorado". He died in 1960.

Portrait of Walter E. Davis taken outside. Mr. Davis is seen from the waist up and wears a suit coat, vest, and tie.


Isamu Taniguchi standing on a bridge


Note on back reads - "Donor - Hupperman estate"


Elisabet Ney (center) with Anita and Clarence Miller at the Miller Home.

circa 1895

Taken at petmecky's, 3rd and Congress, 1901. Standing L to R: Tony Blomeke, Jack Bohls, Contact AHC, Theo Bohls, Contact AHC. Middle: Hannick (?) Spillman


Group portrait during a Christmas dinner at the Carter residence. Left to Right: C.E. Carter, W.D. Craig, Sr., Mrs. W.D. Craig, Mr. Breed, Mrs. Breed, Lewis Bracey. Front row: W.D. Craig, Jr. holding Dick Carter, Dorothy Craig, and Emily Carter.

circa 1923

Bust portrait of a Saadi A. Ferris wearing suit, tie, and eyeglasses.

circa 1930

Portrait of Col. John F. Marshall, commander, 4th Texas Volunteer Infantry Regiment, C.S.A.; Chairman, Texas State Democratic Committee (and convention); Editor and publisher, Texas State Gazette, Austin, Texas

circa 1860

Portrait of city council member Betty J. Himmelblau.

circa 1970

Mrs. W.D. Craig, Sr. (Beulah Craig) standing on a sidewalk surrounded by trees.


Family of Rosa (Lozano) Garza - L to R: Rosa Della, Anna Center: Margarett Rosina (Grieder) Lazano, Eliso Lozano, Frank Bottom: Gertrude, Alfred E.


Duke Tu at Bergstrom Army Air Field (later Bergstrom Air Force Base) standing in front of the propellers of a plane.

circa 1945

Duke Tu sits on a bench while toddler-age Larry Tu stands on the bench beside him. A chain-link fence and buildings are in the background.


Two men sailing on what appears to be a lake or river.


Portrait of Dinesh Desai and family.


Audray Bateman, Curator of the Austin-Travis County CollectionAustin Public Library. She wrote the Waterloo Scrapbook column in American Statesman.


Asian male sitting at desk. On the back it is written AF-Biography. Joe Lung and family. Lung, Sam


Note on back of photo: "Felix E Smith died August 1930. Only Son of J.W. and S.A. Smith." Studio portrait of Felix Ezell Smith, Jr., as a young man, with cowboy hat and mustache. He is sitting on a horse with windows and building in background.


Formal studio portrait of William Achilles, Herman Achilles, and Henry Achilles. Cabinet card format.


Formal head and shoulders portrait of Walter Acker.


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