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Aerial view of Zilker Park showing the area of Barton Springs with Town Lake in the background. The bathhouse and roads through the park are visible.


Exterior view of the bathhouse at Barton Springs pool. A portion of the pool is visible in the foreground and two men stand on the steps looking at the water.


A woman in a bathing suit laying on a towel at Barton Springs pool with people swimming in the background, summer 1971.


View of Barton Springs with people both swimming and sunbathing. There is a short wall around the pool, but the hillside is undeveloped and rocky.

circa 1920

Work crew in the pool.

circa 1922

View of Barton Springs pool with several swimmers and sunbathers.


Group portrait of people swimming at Barton Springs on April 2, 1939. The view includes people in the water and others sitting on towels and blankets on the side. The diving board is visible.


Close up group portrait of people swimming at Barton Springs on April 2, 1939. The view includes people swimming and sitting on the grass. Special focus is on the diving board.


A woman and a man sit on the edge of the pool at Barton Springs. The woman is wearing a wide-brimmed hat and a bikini bottom. They are turned away from the camera.


Group portrait of two boys and two girls sitting on a blanket around Barton Springs on April 10, 1937. The identified teens include Eileen Nelson Thompson, Michael Chauncy Gaines, Nina Shipley and Charles Jay Delancey.


Group portrait of two boys and one girl sitting on the edge of the diving board at Barton Springs on April 10, 1937. The teens are in bathing suits and similing at the camera.


Barton Springs swimming pool on a sunny day seen from the west side facing east. The diving board is on the left and there are a few people in the water and along the side of the pool.


Many people are alongthe banks of Barton Springs swimming pool and swimming in the water.


View of the water and the bank of Barton Springs pool.

circa 1922

People swimming at Barton Springs pool and jumping off of the diving board.


Jack Robinson is on the steps at the edge of Barton Springs pool putting some kind of stick or tool into the water, perhaps doing a test.


View of the West Cave on the Pedernales River. The pool is surrounded by rocks covered in vegetation. Original albumen print filed with Gethsemane Collection, AR.M.013


A groug of children are in the water at Barton Springs while an adult male is gesturing to them. It looks like they may be in a swimming race.


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