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A scene from the Dia De Los Muertos celebration at the Mexic-Arte Museum.


Group of students standing and sitting on the front lawn and steps of the school. They display a large American flag. Image was originally part of the Jensen-Elliot collection (Neg # 48042).


Members of the Nash Hernandez Orchestra posing on stage.


Portrait of Nash Hernandez orchestra on stage. Brass musicians at center; all 8 seated except one in a black suit in contrast to rest in white. In the back are 2 string musicians and a drummer. Bongo and maraca player stands in front near seated pianist.


Candid portrait of Nash Hernandez Orchestra performing on stage. The saxaphone player stands, front and center, while the other 8 musicians sit. Three orchestra includes 4 brass musicians, 2 string musicians, a pianist, drummer, and bongo player.


Portrait of Gonzalo Barrientos standing in an office area.


Candid portrait of Gonzalez Barrientos (on right) selling pens to Tony Castillo (driver seated in car) to raise money for Austin Highsteppers drill team. A woman is in the passenger seat next to Castillo.


Half length portrait of Lorraine Camacho


snapshot of a man and a woman at a dining room table

Eustacio Cepeda March 29, 1897 to October 14, 1972 was president of several Mexican American organizations of the Austin Hispanic community of years past, such as the Commission Honorifica, Coite Patriotico, … More on back of original


A group portrait of Margarita Simon, Maria Garcia, and Socorro Juarez with the Austin G.I. Forum in Governor Briscoe's office. "ATB-120" is written on verso.


A group portrait of Arturo Aleman and others at the Emmanuel Methodist Church. "ATB-130" is written on verso.


Outside view of Garza Market at 701 East Sixth Street. Ben Garza is in the middle wearing an apron.


Garza Market at 10th and Red River. Garza lived above the market who is pictures in center. The cart pictured used to deliver meat.


Garza Meat Market on 701 E 6th Street with three employees including a salesman, Mozy Valdez, and a meat clerk.

Family of Rosa (Lozano) Garza - L to R: Rosa Della, Anna Center: Margarett Rosina (Grieder) Lazano, Eliso Lozano, Frank Bottom: Gertrude, Alfred E.


Profile portrait of Arturo Ramirez at his home at 1110 East 8th Street.

circa 1967

Informal family portrait of Susie, David Jr., and David Sr. Huerta standing outdoors in front of a car.

circa 1956

Portrait of David Huerta, Sr. in the driver seat of a car. He looks out the window, and his elbow hangs out over the door. The shadow of a woman taking the picture is visible.

circa 1955

Group portrait of Louie Ramirez, Joe Arambula, David Huerta Sr., and Nora Ramirez Arambula. They are outdoors. A picnic table is in the foreground. They are in City Park.

circa 1960

Portrait of Jason Huerta while on vacation in Monterrey, Mexico. He wears a vest, sombrero and boots. Other tourists ton he was Mexican and would give him pennies.


Portrait of Nora Ramirez and Maria de Jesus (Susie Sr.) Ramirez at Louie's graduation from St. Edward's High School

circa 1960

Portrait of Susie and David Huerta at a dinner party on New Year's Eve. They are seated at a table. Others are in the background.

circa 1962

Susie and David Huerta Jr., seated on a beach, most likely at Galveston. A "Pleasure Pier" is visible in the background.

circa 1961

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