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This short video focuses on the history and importance of Rosewood Courts, its location and connection to African American history in Austin.


The Blue Bellies are in Austin: Readings from the Travis County Slave Narratives imbue life into the words found on the pages of the 1930s era oral history manuscripts. Words tinged with pain and suffering, the fear and yearning, the pride in tradition and family, and the resonating sorrow of those who had been enslaved. Blue Bellies highlights just 7 of the 65 individuals interviewed in Austin and Travis County during the Works Progress Administration's Federal Writers Project. Historic black and white film and photographs from the archives of the Austin History Center and other repositories illustrate the words of this last generation of enslaved individuals. And these words have been given voice by talented local actors: Carla Nickerson Adams, Jennifer Cumberbatch, Miss Marlah, Curtis Polk, Noel Kent Smith, and Boyd Vance. A DVD 306.3620922 BL


A recording of a panel discussion about historic Austin movie houses conducted at the State Theater. Introduced by Mike Miller (AHC Manager), the pannel consists of moderator Susan Ritterreiser (AHC Curator of Archives) and pannelists Steve Wilson, Jay Podolnick, Jim Malloy, and John Stewart. The panel discussion is bookended with film presentations, opening with a short illustrated history of Austin movie houses, and closing with a screening of "Austin the Friendly City." The program recorded here was associated with the Historic Austin Movie Houses exhibit that was open at the AHC at the time of this presentation.


This documentary focuses on the east Austin community's efforts to get the drag boat races, held on Austin's Festival Beach, moved elsewhere. Interviews with representatives of the Austin Boat Club, Austin Chamber of Commerce and El Centro Chicano and footage of Austin City Council meetings. Creators: Warmingham, George, Producer, Director, Writer, Editor; Enlow, Barbara, Writer, Camera; Lutz, Jim, Camera; Winter, Alan. Contributors: Enlow, Barbara, Host; Aqua , Guest; Rowland, Dorothy, Guest; Hernandez, Paul, Guest; Friedman, Jeff, Guest; Travino, John Jr., Guest; Cooke, Lee, Guest; Goodman, Richard, Guest; McClelland, Carole Keeton, Guest.


This outdoor performance by Graham Reynolds at SXSW in 2015 is a portion of the original recording.


This video features clips of live music performances, music videos, news stories and PSAs featuring a variety of Austin, Texas musicians. Dates of the clips range from 1965 - 1995.


Music video for the song "Don't Let Nobody Drive Your Car" by Greezy Wheels.


Music video for the song "Bone Deep" by Greezy Wheels.


Narrated by Inner Sanctum Records founder Joe Bryson and with interviews from former staff, this documentary about Inner Sanctum Records (located at 504 W. 24th St.), documents the record store's rise during the early 1970s, from the purchase of Phil's Records in 1970 to his sale of the store in 1982.


This home movie footage documents the arrival of the cast of Batman: The Movie at the Paramount Theater on Congress Avenue in Austin, TX on Saturday July 30, 1966. The video features shots of the Paramount theater, the crowds in front, and the parade of Batman charaters arriving at the theater: The Joker (Cesar Romero), Penguin (Burgess Meredith), Catwoman (Lee Meriwether), Batman (Adam West). This video is an entire home movie reel, Batman premiere footage begins at 00:01:59 and ends at 00:03:02


Video recording of Austin music history course taught by Margaret Moser at the University of Texas.


Video recording of Austin music history course taught by Margaret Moser at the University of Texas.


This video provides information and tips for Xeriscape gardening that is specific to Austin. The video covers seven "Zeriscape principles": Planning and design, soil analysis, plant selection, practical turf, efficient irrigation, mulch and maintenance.


Unidentified musicians performing a cover of The Who's "Pinball Wizard" at the Old Settler's Music Festival in 2016.


This short video introduces viewers to the Asian Pacific American, Latinx, and African American community archivists at the Austin History Center. The archivists explain the mission of community archivists and talk about the kinds of work they do at the Austin History Center.


5X5Y Exhibit Opening Panel filmed on location at Austin History Center celebrating 25 years of the South by Southwest Music and Media Conference.


Combining archival moving image footage and photos of old Anderson high school, this video highlights the school's history, focusing on its importance to African Americans in Austin.


A behind the scenes tour of the Austin History Center led by City Archivist and AHC manager Mike Miller. Viewers learn about the history and mission of the archive, meet various AHC archivists and learn about what they do.


This PSA from the Austin Police Department introduces openly gay police officers and members of the Lesbian and Gay Peace Officers Association who talk about their experiences being gay and what it means to them.


Live performance by the Killer Bees at Liberty Lunch in 1988


Video recording of Austin music history course taught by Margaret Moser at the University of Texas.


In this video oral history interview, Dennis Paddie gives a run down of the history of the Austin Gay Liberation Front.


Video recording of Austin music history course taught by Margaret Moser at the University of Texas.


Through a series of interviews this video documents a decade of lesbian rights activism in the 1970s.


After setting the context of the early educational system in the "largely frontier town" of Austin, this documentary about how the growth of the city changed and affected it's comittment to public education. Topics include the growth of the public school system, the segregation of the school system, integration, bussing.


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