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The exterior façade of the Mexican First Baptist Church in 1949


One group portrait of men, women and children on the steps of the Fundamental Baptist Church at 410 East 11th Street on March 15, 1940


A group of people seated at Greater Mount Zion Baptist Church including Henrietta Washington, Arthur Byrd, Kate Strong, Cleo Mosley, Arthur Mosley, Rollis Martin, Louis Banks, Willie R. Brown, and Lenzie Martin on April 29, 1945


View of grounds of the St. John's Orphanage, the proposed site for a naval hospital (never built) on March 13, 1945


Exterior view of the First Baptist Church located at 1110 Karen Street. A sign above the door reads "Primera Iglesia Bautista Mexicana."


Exterior view of St. Ignatius Martyr Church located at 308 W. Johanna Street on March 25, 1941. It is a large stone building. The building is partially obscured by trees


Uncle Dick's Band with 5 men, ranging in age, playing instruments in front of a fireplace. (From left to right) Youngest man plays bass; man plays piano; man plays steel guitar; man plays fiddle; man plays banjo; two looking at camera.


Team portrait of the 46 players and 5 coaches and team managers on the 1941 University of Texas at Austin Longhorns varsity football team. Head coach at this time was Dana X. Bible. In 1941 the team achieved their first number 1 as NCAA National Champions


Texas Longhorns of 1941 and Big Boy their mascot. The 1941 team was ranked no. 1 in the AP poll and declared NCAA National Champions. Their head coach was Dana X. Bible. They were not selected to play in the Rose Bowl.


The Magnesium plant at J. J. Pickle Research Campus, once known as Balcones Research Center. 8/14/1947.


"Employees leaving a Central Texas plant at end of days work." Men are walking on a road past small buildings at the Magnesium Plant at the Balcones Research Center. They are wearing khakis and work shirts. Many of them have on hats.

circa 1940

A man speaks at a microphone at the dedication ceremonty for the Magnesium Plant at the Balcones Research Center, later the J.J. Pickle Research Center. He is on a stage with a striped flag and banner. A group of men is on the stage behind the man.

circa 1940

Members of the Community Chest of Austin, Inc. standing on a fire truck in front of White Pharmacy.


Exterior view of the Wesley Chapel Methodist Episcopal Church, circa 1940s. It is a stone building with a square tower. Some cars are parked outside the church on the dirt road.


1943 land deed for property that is now San Jose Cemetery


Copy of 1948 Deed of Purchase for San Jose Cemetery


1949 Parks and Recreation Guide (scan of cover page of pamphlet)


Aft-facing view of streetcar interior, showing its center aisle from one-point perspective. There are seven rows of seats (14 two-seater booths, in total) with booths on each side of the aisle.

circa 1940

Candid, group portrait of Johnny Simmons Band members, while performing at Anderson High School. L to R: Clarence "Speck" Hicks, Roy "Tankhead" Roberts, Dalas "Pluk" Mederias, Paris Jones "Fuzzy Wuzzy," Jessie "Fobie Joe" Hart, and Johnny Simmons "Buck."


Candid, group portrait of Johnny Simmons Band members, while performing at Raymond's Garden in Corpus Christi, TX. L to R: Joe Houston, Roy Roberts, James Jennings, Dallas Mederias, Sherman, Johnny Simmons, and Johnny Johnson.


From back of photo: "Erection of wood arches at Negore Recreation Building in Rosewood Park. Used in 1943 Annual Report."


Close range view of "Austin Street Railway Company" streetcar. On February 7, 1940, the city commemorated the last ride of the streetcar along the main line of Congress Avenue.


On Feb. 7, 1940, the city commemorated the last ride of the streetcar along the Congress Avenue main line. Ceremonies took place at the intersection of Sixth St. and Congress Ave., as pictured here near storefronts that include "Walk Over Bootery."


Last street car in Austin in front of Palm School


A view of West 40th Street near Avenue A showing a street car. Tracks go down the middle of the street and cars are on each side of the road. Some houses are visible in the distance.


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